FUNKY FLUFF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Katniss

FUNKY FLUFF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Katniss

FUNKY FLUFF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Katniss

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A breathable, trim, and versatile diaper that can be used as a pocket, AIO or AI2!

The great adjustment possibilities of the Funky Fluff allow it to be used even with very small babies!

The Funky Fluff LUX One-Size Diaper in AWJ (athletic wicking jersey) is the diaper you’ve been dreaming of! Athletic Wicking Jersey is a stretchy, breathable, stay-dry synthetic material that will keep baby comfy and cool.

The outside of the diaper is covered with a waterproof membrane that breathes at the same time. 

The adjustment of the diaper is done using snaps for babies of about 7-35lbs.

A very powerful and versatile insert system (sold separately)

The absorption of the new Funky Fluff Lux Stay-Dry has been redesigned! It is now made from super absorbent “terry” bamboo. Its improved shape conforms well to the contours to prevent leaks and press studs allow it to be fixed in place. It is possible to add 2 inserts. A small insert made of 5 layers of “terry” bamboo and a larger one made of 6 layers of the same fabric.

Funky Fluff diapers are designed to be used three different ways with our contoured, absorbent Lux Bamboo Terry Inserts: you choose what works best for you! All-in-One: Snap the inserts into the diaper, inside the pocket. Wear, wash, repeat. All-in-Two: Snap the inserts on top of the pocket. Replace the inserts when soiled and use a new shell once after 2-3 uses. Pocket: Slide the inserts into the pocket. Depending on your washer they will agitate out in the wash.

Made in China especially for us

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