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    Training Pant - The Perfect Potty Training Pants

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    Your child is not 100% ready for a full transition to underwear yet? Well, training pants will be your best friend in potty training your young children!

    Training pants are a good way to ease the transition from diapers to underwear in the potty training of your little ones. The humidity on your children's skin will allow them to become aware of their needs, and will stimulate their autonomy in potty training.

    Why Choose Washable Training Pants?

    Why pay more for disposable training pants when washable training pants offer the same features, plus they are practical, cost-effective and super cute.

    The Pull-up style washable training pants are adjustable and with a micro-suede interior, 3 layers of bamboo and 1 layer of microfiber, the training pants will allow an easy and comfortable transition for your child to potty train. In addition, the bamboo interior of the training pants allows your child to feel when the pants are wet and to develop potty training skills.

    Why Buy Eco-Panties from MiniShack?

    MiniShack is a Quebec based company that offers real ecological, affordable and practical solutions. Beyond cloth diapers to take care of your children, MiniShack is a company that will guide you in the choice of products adapted to the potty training of your little ones, especially the MINIHIP products.

    Potty Training with MINIHIP Pants

    You will mostly find MINIHIP training pants at MiniShack. Why? Because MINIHIP training pants offer better absorption for your little ones, while being closer to regular underwear. In addition, the MINIHIP panty was designed with snaps to make changing panty easier for larger messes. Not to mention the variety of designs, MINIHIP training pants offer a very stylish underwear feel for your little ones. One of the main attractions of Minishack's training pants is their affordability: what could be better than products that offer practical, affordable and super cute care?

    How to Choose the Right Training Pants for Your Child?

    Training pants are designed to support your child's potty training. They are made to look like real underwear and are easy to put on and take off. With the look of real underwear, training pants will make your child feel like a big kid, while reassuring parents during the potty training process.

    Important Elements of a Training Panty

    When it comes to choosing the right training panty, it is important to look at the size and the level of absorption. Panties are like jeans, it is important for the comfort of your minis that the pants fit well. In terms of absorption, it is important to listen to your child's needs.

    Training Pants for Daytime

    Day training pants were created to give your little ones more independence, while providing them with more confidence in potty training. Day training pants have limited absorption and are not completely waterproof. They are designed to withstand minor incidents.

    Training Pants for Night Training

    Potty training is a process that is unique to each child. So your child's potty training may be great during the day, but your little one may need more absorption at night. Nighttime training pants are designed to be super absorbent, providing the protection needed in older children's nighttime potty training.

    What to Avoid with Night Training Diapers

    The super absorbent properties of night training pants require that you follow strict care instructions to avoid early deterioration of your pants.

    When to Use Training Pants?

    Is your child showing interest in potty training? He's probably ready for training pants! They have the advantage of being put on like underwear and promote gentle potty training. Training pants are designed to hold small incidents, to protect the car seat, sofa, etc.

    While some are very light and only retain small accidents, others are very powerful and can be used even at night for children with nocturnal enuresis.

    How to Take Care of the Training Pants?

    It is important to first remove excess solid residue by turning the pants inside out. Once the panty is turned inside out, a pre-wash rinse is recommended to remove excess residue and allow for better panty retention. It is recommended that the training pants be washed in hot water and air dried or dried at a low temperature.

    What to Avoid When Cleaning Your Training Pants

    The use of fabric softener is strongly discouraged as it can contribute to the early deterioration and decrease the effectiveness of your training pants.

    Also, as for cloth diapers, the use of creams containing zinc, kerosene, mineral oils, cod liver oil or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is not recommended. The presence of these products in your diaper creams could damage your training pants.

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