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    ARIGALE | Insertion | Balbuzard


    ARIGALE | Insertion | Balbuzard


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Batboost


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Batboost XL (for large size diapers)


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Falcon 6


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Falcon 8


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Grand Duc


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Harfang évolutif 3.0 (without snaps)


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Harfang évolutif XL (FOR LARGE DIAPERS)


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Slimboost


    ARIGALIE | Insertion | Snakeboost


    ARIGALIE | MINI-Balbuzard


    ARIGALIE | MINI-Balbuzard | Evolving


    ARIGALIE | MINI-Batboost




    ARIGALIE | MINI-Faucon 6




    ARIGALIE | MINI-Faucon 8




    ARIGALIE | MINI-Slimboost

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    Aux P'tits Cadeaux | Insert | The Torrent

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    CHEVREUIL ∣ Bamboo Insert


    ELF ∣ Deluxe Inserts Duo


    ELF ∣ Bamboo Insert


    ELF ∣ Bamboo Insert with stay dry effect


    ELF ∣ Microfiber Insert

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    FUNKY FLUFF ∣ Bamboo Terry Inserts Set ∣ NEWBORN Size


    FUNKY FLUFF ∣ Bamboo Terry Inserts Set ∣ One Size

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    MINIHIP ∣ Bamboo booster/newborn insert

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    MINIHIP ∣ Hemp booster/newborn insert

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    MINIHIP ∣ Microfiber Insert for LARGE Size Diapers


    MINIHIP ∣ Bamboo Insert


    MINIHIP ∣ HempBoo Insert


    Cloth Diaper Accessories - Best Cloth Diaper Inserts

    Find and shop all necessary cloth diaper accessories in our online inventory. For baby products that are used frequently, easily finding replacements or all the essential pieces is important. Count on MiniShack to deliver exactly what you're looking for! 


    Diaper inserts, night inserts, bamboo inserts, liners- The essential accessories of a washable diaper

    Successful insertions in parents

    Trust the advice of other parents who use cloth diapers for their babies. Consider the most popular products in our store when shopping for your inserts.

    The Torrent: 2 layers of microfiber and 3 layers of bamboo

    Excellent and very fast absorption thanks to the 2 layers of microfiber while the 3 layers of bamboo quietly absorb the liquid for less leaks when compressing the materials. Ideal for youngsters who pee big and hold back for a really long time. 

    Minihip Bamboo and Hemp Trifold Insert

    Minihip offers a trifold cloth diaper insert to give a total of 9 layers of absorbent fabric. There are even parents who fold them in 4 to obtain 12 layers of fabric of absorption and guarantee absolutely no leaks. This insert is ideal because it is compatible with all diaper covers and pocket diapers available on the market. 


    Different types of materials for cloth diaper inserts

    Cotton is no longer your only choice! Choose from a list of types of materials used to make baby cloth diaper inserts such as bamboo, microfiber and hemp. Each material has different specificities which are advantages or disadvantages when wearing washable diapers for babies. 

    insert cloth diaper in bamboo

    • Absorption: Lots of absorption
    • Absorption speed: Slow
    • Leaks:Not many leaks
    • Price: Moderately expensive

    Insert in microfiber

    • Absorption: Lots of absorption
    • Absorption speed:Fast
    • Leaks: Lots of leaks
    • Price: Less expensive

    Insert in hemp

    • Absorption:lots of absorption
    • Absorption speed: Slow
    • Leaks: No or rarely leaks
    • Price: More expensive

    Insert in bamboo hemp

    • Absorption:lots of absorption
    • Absorption speed: slow
    • Leaks: not or rarely leaks
    • Price: More expensive

    Benefit of different washable diaper inserts

    Bamboo washable diaper inserts have several benefits thanks to the characteristics of the material. Bamboo diaper inserts are known to absorb slowly and not have a lot of leaks. The combination of bamboo inserts installed with a microfiber insert is ideal thanks to their complementary characteristics.

    Microfiber inserts are able to absorb very quickly. On the other hand, like a sponge, when pressure is exerted on the microfiber inserts, the contents may come out. Inserts made of microfiber are affordable compared to other types of inserts. This is usually inserted in a cloth diaper with another insert material to absorb more slowly and not leak. 

    The best brands of cloth diaper inserts

    Choose from the best cloth diaper and cloth diaper accessory companies. We only supply you with products from the best companies to guarantee the best for your babies. Learn more about each company and their missions, plus shop what best suits your needs from a great selection. 

    Aux P'tits Cadeaux

    Find on our site the 'Torrent' diaper from AuxPtitsCadeaux for babies and children who hold on for a long time and pee heavily. A diaper insert that is super absorbent with multiple layers of fabric to ensure no leaks. 


    Overnight insert with even more absorbency, this one is more voluminous thanks to its high liquid retention capacity. Also find bamboo inserts from the Chevreuil brand for baby diapers. 


    Bamboo insert, luxury, bamboo, dry effect, find everything you need with the ELF brand. Several different materials are available, as well as several packages with a number of different inserts.  

    Funky Fluff

    Buy Funky Fluff's bamboo insert duo, this insert is designed for newborn cloth diapers. A quality insert with high fluid retention and absorption in one size. Also super effective for babies that pee big. 


    Choose inserts of different materials to see which one you prefer. The Minihip products we carry vary greatly between each model. If you like this company, try other of their products like trifold inserts made of bamboo and hemp or even newborn boosters. 


    How do I clean cloth diaper inserts?

    Maintenance of washable diaper inserts

    The maintenance of cloth diaper inserts for babies is different depending on the type of insert material you have. For cotton, hemp and microfiber, you can machine wash the diapers at a temperature between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius. Pay attention to the bamboo inserts, these are more fragile! The temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees Celsius and rubbing stains by hand may damage the bamboo pulp, which decreases absorbency. 

    Here is the general sequence for the care and cleaning of a washable diaper insert:

    1. Throw away solids
    2. Rinse inserts at faucets
    3. Put in washing machine
    4. Let air dry
    5. Reuse

    Learn more below about which soaps to use, how to dry the inserts, and how to detach and disengage them to ensure longer life.

    What kind of soap to use for cloth diaper inserts?

    Choosing a good soap and good products is super important to not compromise the absorption of the inserts and especially for the health of your babies. Diapers constantly rub against your baby's bottom and skin, so choosing a mild soap is important. Follow the tips below when buying products to clean cloth diaper inserts.

    To Do:

    • Rinse in cold water before putting the inserts in the washer. 
    • Divide by 4 the soap you usually use. 
    • A mild laundry soap against irritability on baby's skin.
    • Use the washing balls designed to make diapers softer on your baby's bottom.


    • Do not use fabric softener (softeners leave grease stains on inserts)
    • Do not use white vinegar
    • No washing nuts
    • No Marseille soap-based laundry soaps
    • No chlorine products or bleach or any whitening products with agents

    How to remove stains from cloth diaper inserts?

    We advise you not to use chemicals to detach the diaper inserts, as these can be harmful to your children's skin and the quality of the diapers. Bleaching and softening products affect the absorption of the inserts and they are no longer as effective. Instead, use the sun as a natural whitener. For yellow spots, direct sunlight is ideal and will gradually remove the wear spots. 

    For darker and stubborn stains, leave to act in cold water with gall soap or Marseille soap (make sure there is no glycerine), these can be found in bulk organic stores. In a rise for 30 minutes, rinse and observe,  do it again if the stains are still on the insert. 

    How to dry cloth diaper inserts?

    We suggest air drying inserts, the heat from dryers greatly affects the quality of our garments. You can let them dry in the sun, moreover the sun is a natural whitener. By air-drying them, diapers and inserts last longer. 

    Tip to soften layer inserts a bit. You can put them in the dryer at a low speed and temperature at the end or even at the beginning of drying. Only a few minutes are needed to  soften the material to the touch.   

    Tip for winter. Install a drying rack where you have space and  place a fan to dry them. Generally, after a night in the wind, the inserts will be very dry. 

    After how many times should cloth diaper inserts be thrown away?

    If the inserts are well maintained, they can be used for several years. Many parents like to reuse cloth diapers for all babies, this way big savings are made and less waste is created. Diapers can also be resold when in good condition.  

    Trust your judgement, if you've tried loosening them, or unclogging them (making them more absorbent again by removing grease residue from creams), but nothing works , get rid of a malfunctioning insert. Nothing is more annoying than a diaper insert that does not absorb and leaks.

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