Warranty Policy

Minishack Warranty Policy


Elf, Minihip, Funky Fluff, Bebe D Lux, Land, La Claire Fontaine Products

Minishack is the proud distributor or manufacturer of these products in Canada. In addition to controlling the quality of the products offered, we offer you a 2-year warranty on these products.


2 year warranty against manufacturing defects:


In the first 30 days, an exchange or repair will be made. If you need to return the product, we will bear the cost.

After the first 30 days, an exchange or repair will be made. If you must return the product, the delivery will be at your expense. However, the repair and return of the goods will be at our expense.

The warranty is limited to the first purchaser, it is non-transferable in the event of a used sale.

Contact us for details and return procedure before shipping any product and getting warranty authorization.

To submit a product under warranty or for more information about it, please contact us at hello@minishack.ca

Make sure to add photos or videos of the product to help us assess the situation with you.


What is excluded from this warranty:


The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects, it therefore excludes: leaks, odors, poor maintenance and normal wear and tear of the product.

The products are not guaranteed in the event of accidental breakage: broken press stud (after washing), excessive use, breakage in the washer or dryer or any other accidental breakage. These breakages are unfortunate, but are not related to the manufacture of the product.

The warranty is null and void in the event of inadequate maintenance or use of a product that has impaired the performance of the product. Use a compatible diaper cream and cleaning products suitable for cloth diapers (for example: the use of bleach and fabric softeners are very damaging for washable diapers).

See our FAQ for more information on this.

Elastic stretching is guaranteed for 6 months of use (date of receipt of the goods or date of birth of the baby). Rubber bands that are not used and washed for several months can dry out and deteriorate. Premature rubber band wear can occur when drying in the sun for long periods of time or near a fireplace. Soiled diapers should be washed at most every 5 days to avoid urine wear. This premature wear does not represent a manufacturing defect, which excludes them from the 2-year warranty.


Others produits

From time to time, we offer you various products of which we are not the manufacturers. On these products, we give you a 3-month warranty. This warranty is in addition to the manufacturer's warranties where applicable.