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    Cloth Diapers - The Best Cloth Diapers for Babies

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    BUMMIS ∣ Swim Diaper Splash ∣ Narwals


    BUMMIS ∣ Swim Diaper Splash ∣ Rocket


    FUNKY FLUFF ∣ Swim Diaper ∣ Watermelon


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Cactus


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Turtle


    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille ENFANT-ADULTE | Black Mamba

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    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille ENFANT-ADULTE | Snow White

    from $21.95

    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Spring Bear


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Leaves and Hazelnuts


    FUNKY FLUFF ∣ Swim Diaper ∣ Shark

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    BUMMIS ∣ Swim Diaper Splash ∣ Camping


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Crazy Forest


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Jurassic


    BUMMIS ∣ Swim Diaper Splash ∣ Cherry


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Koala


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Treehug


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Back to School

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    MINIHIP ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Rock N Roll


    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille ENFANT-ADULTE | Honduras

    from $21.95

    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille ENFANT-ADULTE | Amazone

    from $21.95

    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Australian Wildlife


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Submarine


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Avocado


    CHEVREUIL ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ La Canadienne


    ELF ∣ All-in-One Diaper ∣ NEWBORN size (8-20 lb) ∣ Popsicle


    ELF ∣ All-in-One Diaper ∣ NEWBORN size (8-20 lb) ∣ Red Fox


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Sweet Friends


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Alice


    MINIHIP ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ LARGE Size ∣ Bicycle


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Purple Flower


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Doggy Bones


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Boat


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Axolotl


    ELF ∣ Pocket Diaper ∣ One Size ∣ Fudge


    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille ENFANT-ADULTE | Bleu pacifique

    from $21.95

    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille ENFANT-ADULTE | Coraux

    from $21.95

    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille ENFANT-ADULTE | Bordeaux

    from $21.95

    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille unique | Amazone


    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille unique | Marrakech


    Chevreuil | Couche lavable à poche | taille unique | Honolulu


    Minishack is a Quebec-based company that promotes practical, economical and ecological products. We offer one-size products, diapers that are designed to be used from birth to potty training, which makes the cloth diapers sold by Minishack much more economical and ecological.

    Whether it's MINIHIP, ELF, FUNKY FLUFF, Bummis or Bebe D Lux diapers, they are comfortable and easy to adjust. Plus, their adorable look makes them a great gift idea for new parents in your life!

    Why choose cloth diapers?

    During its first years of life, a baby uses between 4,000 and 6,000 disposable diapers. The ecological impact of disposable diapers is very harmful: it is not only the amount of waste produced, but also the consumption of trees and oil required in the production of disposable diapers. Opting for cloth diapers for your child is choosing a greener solution.

    Cloth diapers are not only an ecological choice, but they are also economical! Indeed, while cloth diapers are more expensive to buy initially, they save money in the long run. In addition, when properly cared for, cloth diapers can even be used for your next child.

    Unlike popular belief, cloth diapers are also more effective against leaks. In fact, the super-absorbent properties of materials used and the leakage barriers offered by the different fastening methods make cloth diapers the best option for your child, regardless of age and potty stage.

    What are the different types of cloth diapers?

    Nowadays, there is a wide selection of cloth diapers available on the market. While choosing cloth diapers seems relatively simple, choosing among the different options can be more challenging. Below you will find a small guide to help you in your choice of cloth diapers available on the market for your child !

    The Flat Diaper

    The flat diaper is the cloth diaper used by our ancestors. It comes in the form of a square of absorbent fabric that is folded over the baby and fastened with a snappi (the snappi has replaced the diaper pins of the past). The flat diaper is thin, comfortable and economical. However, it is less intuitive in terms of adjustment and requires folding techniques. It is not waterproof and requires the use of a diaper cover to prevent leaks.

    The Molded Diaper

    The molded diaper is a washable diaper whose entire surface is made of absorbent material. This type of diaper is extremely effective, especially at night. Made of absorbent materials, it requires the use of a diaper cover to prevent leaks.

    Pocket Diaper

    The pocket diaper is the most popular cloth diaper on the market. Easy to use, it contains a pocket that allows the insertion of absorbent inserts.

    All-in-One Diaper

    The all-in-one diaper is designed to be a one-piece diaper. Very similar to the disposable diaper, this type of diaper is the most commonly accepted model in daycares since it is simple to use. However, this type of diaper usually takes longer to dry than other models due to its all-in-one design!

    The All-in-Two Diaper or Diaper Cover

    The All in Two diaper is very versatile. It is in fact a system that integrates a diaper cover with absorbent inserts simply placed inside it. No inserts to put in a pocket, it allows you to save time. Moreover, it is possible to replace only the absorbent inserts in case of a small accident and to keep the waterproof shell and reuse it with new clean inserts. It is therefore a very economical choice and it allows a great ease of maintenance.

    The Pool Diaper

    The pool diaper allows you to swim with peace of mind. Its athletic fabric dries very quickly. The purpose of a pool diaper goes beyond absorbing little accidents when your baby is in the water! In fact, the pool diaper helps absorb accidents around the pool, but more importantly, it helps retain solid accidents. The choice of a pool diaper is not only a question of absorption, but a question of waterproofness. This model of diaper is designed to fit the baby's body, which is both economical and easy for the parent.

    The training pants

    The washable training pants are a great way to make the transition to cleanliness easier. The Pull-up style washable training pants are adjustable and with a micro-suede interior, 3 layers of bamboo and 1 layer of microfiber, the training pants will allow an easy and comfortable transition for your child to potty training. In addition, the bamboo interior of the training pants allows your child to feel when the pants are wet and develop potty training skills.

    Are there different sizes of cloth diapers?

    Large size cloth diaper

    Large size cloth diapers are adapted to the needs of larger children. Whether it's for children suffering from bedwetting or children with special needs, the full-size diaper offers the same protection, with a look that's closer to a real panty than a diaper.

    Newborn cloth diaper

    Another size available on the market is the newborn size diaper. This size is suitable for newborn babies, even those with the smallest or largest body shape, thanks to its adaptive fit.

    One-size cloth diaper

    One-size cloth diapers are designed to fit all body types. This type of diaper is often designed with snap button closures to provide a more flexible fit.

    How to maintain the cloth diaper ?

    Although washing cloth diapers may seem complicated, it is important to wash them regularly to avoid stains and odors. Here are a few tips to help you care for your cloth diapers.

    First, it is important to remove excess solids by turning the diaper inside out. Once the diaper is turned inside out, a cold water rinse prior to washing is recommended to remove the excess and allow the diaper to last longer. It is recommended that cloth diapers be washed in hot water and left to air dry or at a low temperature.

    Caution! Avoid the use of bleach. This powerful chemical can easily damage the condition of your diapers!

    What to avoid when caring for our cloth diapers!

    The use of fabric softener is strongly discouraged as it can contribute to the early deterioration and decrease the efficiency of your cloth diapers.

    Furthermore, the use of creams containing zinc, kerosene, mineral oils, cod liver oil or petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is not recommended. The presence of these products in your diaper creams could damage your cloth diapers.

    What are the different types of diaper closure?

    There are two types of closures for cloth diapers, the velcro closure and the snap closure. Both types of closures offer the same benefits, it's really a matter of which closure is best for you and your baby.

    What are the brands of cloth diapers sold at minishack?

    At Minishack we offer several quality brands for you and your little ones. You will find a variety of products that will meet your needs, while being ecological, economical and practical. Here is a guide of brands of cloth diapers that you will find at Minishack !

    ELF Brand

    ELF offers you great durability, superb leakage protection and total comfort. ELF diapers stand out for their stretchy wings that ensure a perfect fit no matter what your baby's shape is. Selected for its softness to the touch, the micro-suede lining makes the product as soft as the design.


    FUNKY FLUFF is a Canadian brand, which was designed in 2012 by two Toronto moms. FUNKY FLUFF diapers were designed to be versatile, allowing them to be used as a pocket diaper, an all-in-one diaper or an all-in-two diaper using the strategic snap configuration. FUNKY FLUFF stands out for their unique and trendy designs. The great adjustability offered by this product allows the use of the FUNKY FLUFF diaper even with the smallest babies. It is made from bamboo, in order to offer a greater absorption capacity.

    They are designed to fit snugly around your little one's body to prevent leaks, while the snaps keep the diaper exactly as it should be. FUNKY FLUFF diapers were created to withstand active babies while providing the necessary comfort. Practical, adorable and versatile, FUNKY FLUFF diapers will please you no matter what your experience with cloth diapers is!

    MINIHIP Brand

    MINIHIP is known for stylish and practical products, all of which are guaranteed. In fact, the manufacturer of MINIHIP diapers offers a 2 year warranty against all manufacturing defects. With their AWJ (athletic fabric) liners, MINIHIP diapers are guaranteed to keep your child comfortable and stylish.

    MINIHIP diapers have been designed with a built-in pocket that allows the addition of an insert to provide additional protection. In addition, two absorbent inserts are included in each diaper, what more could you want?

    Bummis Brand

    Bummis is a Montreal-based company that has been in business for almost 30 years. Bummis cloth diapers have been designed to grow with your child. Thanks to the snaps located at the top of the diaper, this evolving diaper offers a thigh adjustment and a length adjustment for the waist. In addition, the snaps allow the parent to remove the diaper much more quickly and easily in case of a small mess.

    Bummis diapers are known to dry quickly, a big plus on family vacations. Their one-size pool diaper is a practical yet stylish option, designed for you and your little ones.

    Bébé D Lux Brand

    Bébé D Lux diapers have been designed to offer long-lasting comfort to your baby. With their evolutionary design, Bébé D Lux diapers will allow you to adjust the diaper according to your child's evolution.

    Are there subsidies for cloth diapers?

    If you live in the Montreal area, you should know that there are several municipalities that offer different types of subsidies for the purchase of cloth diapers. Ask around, many ecological initiatives have been adopted throughout Quebec. The use of cloth diapers can help divert tons of waste destined for landfill every year! Think about it, and choose the ecological solution.

    At Minishack, We Offer Eco-friendly Alternatives to Simplify Parents' Lives While Ensuring Your Little Ones' Comfort and Well-Being

    Our company aims to promote practical, economical and environmentally friendly products so that you can continue to take care of your family. Shopping at Minishack means choosing your family while being environmentally responsible!

    Why Are Disposable Diapers Harmful to the Environment?

    Did you know that disposable diapers are non-compostable and non-biodegradable waste? Composed of 30% plastic, they cannot be recycled, which makes these products a great source of pollution.

    We must not forget the high consumption of water and energy needed during the manufacturing process, which contributes to the deterioration of our environment. In addition, the absorbent gel used in most disposable diapers can be very harmful to the environment and even to your baby's health!

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