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    How to Choose the Best Pool Diaper for Your Little One?

    It is important to choose the right diaper for your little one. There are several types of diapers available on the market, but how to know which one to choose?

    Many parents will go for disposable pool diapers, since they are easy to acquire and, since they are disposable, there is no cleaning to do. In order to choose the best pool diaper for your baby, it is important to identify the criteria you are looking for. Price? Comfort? Look? Durability? If these criteria are your priorities, reusable pool diapers are definitely a product to consider for your next vacation!

    Ask around about pool diaper materials, as some materials may be better than others and improve your child's comfort. Good habits would be to make sure that the elastic on the waistband is comfortable, or that the inner materials don't cause irritation on your little one's skin.

    Advantages of a Pool Diaper?

    Swimsuit, diaper, disposable diaper, the options are endless! Here's why Minishack strongly recommends a reusable swim diaper.

    • The role of a pool diaper goes beyond absorbing pee when your baby is in the water! Indeed, the pool diaper allows to absorb accidents around the pool, but above all it contains solid accidents. The choice of a pool diaper is not only a question of absorption, but a question of waterproofness.

    • This diaper model is designed to fit the baby's body, which is both affordable and easy for the parent.

    Why Shop at Minishack?

    Our Quebec-based company manufactures a variety of children's products that are all environmentally friendly and affordable. A pool diaper is the perfect way to take care of the environment while taking care of the parents' wallet!

    The reusable pool diaper is not only great value, but it comes in a variety of adorable designs, making it perfect for your next family vacation. Shopping at Minishark does not only bring you great value, it gives a great look to your baby!

    Why Choose a Reusable Pool Diaper?

    Cloth pool diapers have the same benefits as disposable pool diapers without their inconveniences; non-biodegradable materials, price, and very generic look...

    Reusable diapers are a great option for when you're out of the house. Their quick drying nature avoids frequent diaper changes, giving you more time to enjoy your family time. Plus, it offers guaranteed comfort for your little one, since these types of diapers don't bulge when they get wet. The watertightness of the pool diapers offers a guaranteed protection against leaks, both in the pool and around.

    Don't hesitate any longer, cloth diapers are THE solution for your family vacation or for your outings in the water! They offer a waterproof and comfortable solution, all with pretty designs, to ensure your little ones stay adorable, even in the water.

    At MiniShark, We Offer Eco-friendly Alternatives to Simplify Parents' Lives While Ensuring Your Little Ones' Comfort and Well-Being

    Our company aims to promote products that are practical, affordable and environmentally friendly so that you can continue to take care of your family. Shopping at MiniShark means putting your family first while being eco-friendly!

    Why are Disposable Diapers Harmful to the Environment?

    Did you know that disposable diapers are non-compostable and non-biodegradable waste? Composed at 30% of plastic, they cannot even be recycled, which makes these products a great source of pollution.

    We must not forget the high consumption of water and energy needed during the manufacturing process, which contributes to the deterioration of our environment. In addition, the absorbent gel used in most disposable diapers can be very harmful to the environment and even to your baby's health!

    The Best Reusable Pool Diapers in Quebec

    The MINIHIP pool diapers

    MINIHIP is known for their stylish and practical products, all of which are GUARANTEED. In fact, the manufacturer of MINIHIP diapers offers a 2-year warranty against all manufacturing defects. With their AWJ (athletic fabric) interiors, MINIHIP diapers offer guaranteed comfort for your child, while still looking stylish.

    MINIHIP diapers have been designed with an integrated pocket allowing the addition of an insert to ensure additional protection when your child is not in the water: what more could you want?

    The Bummis reusable diapers

    Bummis swim diapers are designed to grow with your child: thanks to the snaps located at the top, this evolutionary diaper offers a thigh adjustment and a waist adjustment. In addition, the snaps allow the parent to remove the swimsuit quickly and easily in case of small spills.

    Bummis pool diapers are known for drying quickly, a big plus on family vacations. Their one-size pool diapers are a practical yet stylish option, designed for you and your little ones.

    The Funky Fluff pool diapers

    The Funky Fluff diaper brand stands out for its unique and trendy design. The great possibility of adjustment offered by this product allows the use of the Funky Fluff diaper even with smaller babies. It is made from bamboo, in order to offer a greater absorption capacity.

    It's designed to fit snugly around your little one's body to prevent leaks, while the snaps keep the pool diaper exactly where it should be. Funky Fluff pool diapers were created to withstand active babies while providing the necessary comfort.

    How to Take Care of Pool Diapers?

    Don't worry, the maintenance of a pool diaper is very simple. Remove excess solids and discard them in the toilet, machine wash or hand-wash the diaper and dry at low temperature in the dryer or hang up. That's it! Simple, effective and affordable.

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