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    Douce Mousse - Best Ecological Products for Your Baby's Health

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    DOUCE MOUSSE | Bubble bath


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Baby on the Road Kit


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Baby on the Road Kit (box of 10)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Diaper Care Cream ∣ 120g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Diaper Care Cream ∣ 120g (box of 24)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Diaper Care Cream ∣ 220g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Diaper Care Cream ∣ 220g (box of 12)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Diaper Care Cream ∣ 220g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Banana Toothpaste ∣ 240g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Banana Toothpaste ∣ 240g (box of 16)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Banana Toothpaste ∣ 60g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Banana Toothpaste ∣ 60g (box of 15)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Bubble Gum ∣ 240g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Bubble Gum ∣ 240g (box of 16)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Bubble Gum ∣ 60g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Bubble Gum ∣ 60g (box of 15)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Sunscreen High Protection ∣ 110g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Sunscreen High Protection ∣ 110g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Sunscreen High Protection ∣ 110g (box of 25)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Sunscreen High Protection ∣ 240g


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Sunscreen High Protection ∣ 240g (box of 15)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cleansing Gel ∣ 240mL


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cleansing Gel ∣ 240mL (box of 18)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cleansing Gel ∣ 500mL


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cleansing Gel ∣ 500mL (box of 9)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Cheeks and Lips Balm


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Oleo Calcareous Liniment ∣ 1L


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Oleo Calcareous Liniment ∣ 1L (box of 9)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Oleo Calcareous Liniment ∣ 250mL


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Oleo Calcareous Liniment ∣ 250mL (box of 16)


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Oleo Calcareous Liniment ∣ 4L


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Oleo Calcareous Liniment ∣ 500mL


    DOUCE MOUSSE ∣ Oleo Calcareous Liniment ∣ 500mL (box of 9)


    At Minishack, we care about the health and well-being of your little ones and yours! That's why Minishack chooses eco-friendly, affordable and high quality products to meet the whole family’s needs!

    All About Douce Mousse

    It is every parent's desire to offer the best to their child, and we are here to help you achieve it! Douce Mousse is a Quebec based company that offers high quality and affordable body care products. All their products are designed to be fair and equitable, respecting the highest standards of natural and organic products.

    Douce Mousse products are chosen by parents for their gentle and organic ingredients, making this company an obvious choice for your little one!

    Which Douce Mousse Products Are Available at Mini Shack?

    At Minishack, our top priority is to offer quality products for you and your little ones, while promoting ecological, affordable and practical products. Minishack you will find:

    • Diaper cream

    • Toothpaste

    • Liniment

    • Lotion and skin care

    • Soap

    • Hair care

    • Sunscreen

    Why Choose an Oleo-limestone Liniment?

    Liniment is a natural substitute for diaper cream and other diaper products! Liniment is an excellent cleanser and effectively removes urine and stool from your little one's bottom. Liniment is also an excellent alternative to moisturizer for your baby's skin and protects it from the acidity of urine. It forms a protective film to protect the skin from poop, thus preventing irritation of the buttocks.

    Discover our 100% vegan Douce Mousse liniment made from 100% organic oil! Douce Mousse liniment is an excellent natural multi-purpose product for your baby!

    What to Know About Diaper Cream?

    Actually, diaper cream is more like an ointment. The word "cream" on the label refers to a familiar term. Like all our products, it has been tested on mothers and babies with diaper rash and the results were unanimous! We've also received many testimonials about it, proving that the texture, the smell and the price for a 120g container are very appreciated. A small amount is all you need to obtain excellent results.

    In addition to being miraculous for diaper rash, moms have told us that this product is very effective for neck rashes due to spit-up. It is in fact very good for soothing skin abrasions.

    Did You Know That

    Unlike zinc oxide, which leaves a white streak when it mixes with the fibers of your cloth, zinc PCA does not damage cloth diapers (natural materials: cotton, bamboo, hemp). For synthetic cloth diapers (suedecloth, fleece), it is preferable to use a liner, as these fabrics are vulnerable to many ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, etc. If you use a liner and our cream spills out of the diaper, you can rinse the stain with warm water and soap.

    What Is The Difference Between The Moisturizing Lotion And The Regenerating Butter?

    The lotion is meant to be used daily to keep the skin moisturized. It is light and quickly penetrates the epidermis. The regenerating butter is designed to moisturize dry skin. It is rich and is used more occasionally, although it can also be applied daily.

    Why Douce Mousse Regenerating Butter is the Best Option for Your Baby

    Douce Mousse Regenerating Butter is an ultra-moisturizing butter made with carefully selected organic ingredients to offer you the best. Its fruity scent from a natural and organic source has been carefully chosen to leave a delicate and pleasant aroma on your little ones. You will love it!

    This product is made with organic ingredients, ideal for protecting your baby's skin! These ingredients have the ability to eliminate unpleasant sensations and reduce redness almost immediately. Here are some of the star ingredients that you can find in this product.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe vera has been known for thousands of years for its benefits. The aloe vera leaf contains more than 75 nutrients, including 20 minerals, and 12 vitamins, with skin-repairing properties. Aloe vera is known for its moisturizing, healing, softening, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a good treatment for irritations, eczema and small wounds.

    Shea Butter

    Shea butter is a regenerating, healing ingredient, and has all the necessary properties to prevent and relieve skin irritations. It is often used because it contains vitamins A and E. This ingredient is recommended to protect and moisturize your child's skin on a daily basis, while contributing to the elasticity of your child's epidermis, thanks to its soothing, healing and calming properties.

    Mango Butter

    Mango butter is rich in antioxidants and contains moisturizing properties beneficial for dry and sun-damaged skin. Extremely rich in fatty acids, it helps restore skin tone, improves skin elasticity, while providing deep hydration.

    Sunflower Wax

    Sunflower wax is a hard wax made from sunflower oil, and is an excellent alternative to beeswax. Very rich in vitamins E and F, this wax has nourishing and smoothing properties. Thanks to its high content of key lipids which form the skin's protective barrier, sunflower wax protects the skin from dehydration and external aggressions by acting as a protective barrier. Sunflower wax is an ethical choice and an ingredient of choice in the production of balms and ointments.

    Jojoba Oil

    Jojoba oil is the closest oil to sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory and skin-protective properties. Jojoba oil is excellent for all skin types and has skin-restoring properties.

    Why Use a Cheek and Lip Balm for Your Child?

    Cold weather can be very hard on everyone's skin. Since the skin is not used to the cold of winter, it is important to protect it to avoid damage. A cheek and lip balm helps protect the skin during your winter outings. Its fruity taste and smell will charm your children, making it easy for the parent to apply. This product is made from organic ingredients carefully selected to moisturize the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin, this protective balm is excellent for the winter season, and to avoid skin irritation!

    Protect your child's lips and cheeks with Douce Mousse cheek/lip balm for guaranteed protection and moisture!

    Product for Mom: Nursing Balm

    Breastfeeding is not always easy and can be a challenge in itself! All mothers deserve to live a wonderful breastfeeding adventure. That is why Douce Mousse is here for you! Douce Mousse's goal is to allow moms to enjoy these beautiful moments without suffering from irritation or chapping.

    Douce Mousse's nursing balm is made from natural and organic ingredients to soothe, calm and regenerate nipples' skin for all breastfeeding moms. Very easy to use, you only need to apply a thin layer on the irritated area and that' s it! Plus, it is safe for you and your baby so there's no need to worry about using it whenever and however often you feel the need. It is also fragrance-free, so there's no need to clean your nipples before nursing.

    How to Choose a Sunscreen?

    Summer is all about having fun, however, sun exposure can be a real threat to everyone's health, especially your baby's. Because their skin is so sensitive, the damage caused by unprotected exposure to the sun's rays can be extremely damaging. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your child's skin when you go out in the summer.

    There are many products available on the market for sun protection, so it is important to choose the right product! Here are a few tips to help you!

    • Choose a formula with high UVA and UVB protection;

    • Choose a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 30 SPF;

    • Make sure the product is age-appropriate for your child;

    • Choose a water-resistant formula;

    • Choose a good quality, hypoallergenic product;

    • Prioritize alcohol-free and fragrance-free products

    Be careful when choosing your next sunscreen! While sunscreen may seem like a small thing, it's an essential for your little ones' safety! Check out our Douce Mousse® sunscreen, which is physical (or organic) and stays on the surface of the skin unlike chemical filters that penetrate the epidermis. Many people have mistakenly believed that they had a reaction to the sun, when in fact their reaction was due to their sunscreen containing chemical filters. And most of these lotions are very polluting for the environment.

    Why Choose an Organic Cleansing Gel?

    Naturally, every parent wants to offer the best to their child, so choosing a cleansing product that is gentle on their skin and the planet is definitely the number one choice! Here are a few reasons why Douce Mousse cleansing gel is an excellent choice for your little one!

    Organic product: Why natural ingredients?

    Douce Mousse's baby body & face cleansing gel is formulated with an ultra-soft vegetable base and certified ingredients from independent and recognized organizations. These certified ingredients ensure that our products are of the highest quality, respecting the fragility of your baby's skin. Our formula for baby is made up of aloe vera*, calendula* (marigold), chamomile* and sweet mandarin extracts*. The gel gently cleanses your baby's skin.

    Aloe: Aloe has great benefits for the skin like cell regeneration, skin hydration, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic. This plant contains most of the vitamins, especially A, E and B group vitamins, which are important for the skin and hair. It has strong emollient properties which help to soften the skin.

    Calendula: Calendula has emollient, softening and soothing properties. It also had anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, softening and restorative properties.

    Chamomile: Chamomile's active ingredients effectively promote the skin's regeneration process while being antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing.

    Mandarin: Mandarin is very popular with toddlers thanks to its undeniable delicacy and its richness in bromine, which has real calming, soothing, antiseptic, draining and lymphatic system stimulating properties.

    Body and Hair, 2 in 1 Formula

    For the first few months, the gel will work well for the small amount of hair that your baby will have. When your baby's hair will start to grow, the shampoo will be much more effective. The composition of the skin is very different from the hair. The 2 in formula will not help you save money because the amount used will be the same

    Particularity of Your Baby's Skin

    The skin is the largest organ of the human body. A baby's skin is particularly fragile because it produces very little keratin. Keratin is a protein that protects the skin from external pollutants. Newborns' skin is thinner than adults' skin and is therefore more susceptible to absorbing chemicals. It is important to choose a gentle cleansing product that is gentle on your baby's skin.

    More Cost-Effective than Inexpensive Products

    Douce Mousse's gel creamy formula is more cost effective than inexpensive baby soaps made of more than 80% water, water thickener and synthetic fragrances. By using a small amount of gel, you will be able to gently wash your baby for more than 4 months, as we have observed ourselves with our son Emile.

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