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Trifold of two layers (rectangle to be folded in three) of fleece of efficient bamboo/organic cotton designed for small babies (newborn diapers).

Can then be folded in half lengthwise to obtain a 4-ply insert, which fits well in one-size diapers buttoned down to the smallest.


Extra-absorbent daytime insert. Perfect for home, daycare or long outings.

It can be used as a night insert for young babies (used alone). Add Mini-Batboost and use it at night for several weeks!


Can hold a maximum of 8.6 oz of supersaturated fluid*

*results tested and approved by Aux P'tits Cadeau according to a rigorous method.


Suitable for pocket diapers and diaper covers.

  • 100% natural fibers
  • bamboo absorbs 4 times more liquid than cotton and retains liquids well (no compression leaks, especially during carrying or when sitting)
  • the fleece absorbs quickly and in large quantities


An evolving and versatile insert...

  • Newborn baby: Ideal for naps / outings / at night (possibility of adding a mini-batboost for little ones who sleep a long time) in newborn diapers
  • Motor learning period:
    • Fold it in half on the other side to obtain a 4-ply insert (very thin and flexible layer for playtime) in a regular layer
    • Add our regular batboost liner and you'll end up with a regular 6-ply insert



  • 10" X 12" unfolded
  • 10" X 4" when folded in three widthwise
  • 5" X 12" when folded in half lengthwise
  • 1 cm thick when folded



    • Machine wash and dry (tumble dry low) / avoid fabric softener.
    • Designed to optimize drying time (two layers only).


    Textile composition

    All ArigalieCollections inserts are made from 100% natural fibers

    • 70% bamboo viscose
    • 30% organic cotton

    They can be placed in a pocket or directly on baby's skin.


    A non-chemical treated insert...

    It is a safe choice for baby. It is normal to see small spots on the fabric, as it has not been bleached/treated at the factory.
    Fabric washed and dried 3 times before cutting, increasing the stability and absorbency of the fabric.
    Optimal absorption after 10 washes.


    Fabric made for Arigalie Collections in Montreal.

    Insert designed and made with heart in Quebec, at Arigalie Collections.

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