Washable diapers: how to navigate?

Washable diapers: how to navigate?

Washable diapers have evolved a lot over time and are now available under a whole range of products with marked differences. There is a whole variation of layers ranging from grandma's flat layer to many more modern diapers. So, washable diapers: how to navigate? When starting out, however, it can seem difficult to choose from this wide selection of products, let us guide you with this small guide with ease.

The different types of washable diapers:

The pocket diaper:

The pocket diaper is the most popular washable diaper on the market. Easy to use, it contains a pocket which allows the insertion of absorbent inserts.

The All in One diaper :

The All in One diaper is characterized by its ease of use. The absorbent inserts are integrated into the diaper, which avoids additional handling during the preparation of the diapers. It's the washable diaper that's always ready to use! You will also find a hybrid formula between the pocket diaper and All-in-One. In this specific case, the absorbent is integrated into the diaper and a pocket allows you to add absorbent as needed.

The flat diaper :

The flat layer is the layer used by our ancestors. It comes in the form of a square of absorbent fabric that is folded over baby and attached with a snappi (the snappi has replaced the diaper pins of yesteryear). The flat layer is thin, comfortable and economical. However, it is less intuitive in terms of fit and requires folding techniques. Non-waterproof, it requires the use of a diaper cover to prevent leaks.

The fitted diaper:

The molded diaper is a washable diaper whose entire surface is made of absorbent. This type of diaper is extremely efficient, especially at night. Composed of absorbent materials, it requires the use of a diaper cover to prevent leaks.

The All in Two diaper:

The All in Two diaper is very versatile. It's actually a system that incorporates a diaper cover with absorbent inserts simply placed inside of it. No insert to fit in a pocket, it saves time. In addition, it is possible to replace only the absorbent inserts in the event of a small damage and to keep the waterproof shell and reuse it with new, clean inserts. It is therefore a very economical choice and it is very easy to maintain.

The Swim diaper :

The swimming pool layer allows you to enjoy swimming in peace. Its athletic fabric dries very quickly.

The training pant :

The training pants allow an easier transition to the toilet. Pull-up style, it allows you to imitate an underwear while providing protection against the small oops caused by this learning!


It will now be easier for you to understand the different types of cloth diapers available on the market.

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Washable diapers, a smart choice for the comfort of your child, for the environment and your wallet!

Start the adventure now with ease!


Patricia Paradis

Owner Aux P'tits Cadeaux and Minishack