Who are we?

Mini Shack offers you a whole suit of eco-friendly, economical, and practical solutions for washable diapers and more so you can care for your family in the best way possible. Our platform is simple and educational, ever adjusting to your evolving needs and questions.

The idea of Mini Shack came from Melissa, a passionate entrepreneur and mom who fell in love with washable diapers when her daughter was born. The dream team at Mini Shack quickly came together and welcomed Jhennevièv, world traveler, social entrepreneur and yogini; and Paul, a devoted dad and special projects genius.

Our team

  • Adoptive Auntie of Alex and Naia
  • Partner at Mini Shack and founder at NAI’A Project
  • Business Strategy & Marketing, Community Development

“Melissa and I had multiple projects in ideation when she created Mini Shack. Since I don’t have any kiddos of my own, I didn’t expect to become a partner in this type of business, but my heart showed me I was in the right place and I’m thrilled! I can now spread my passion for helping people live better in a whole new way!

My mission at Mini Shack is to listen to families and to provide them with tools and simple solutions that are efficient and accessible in order to optimize the wellbeing of their little ones, to support moms and dads in staying zen, and to help them maximize those precious moments that pass by so quickly.”

  • Mommy of Alex & Naia
  • Founder of Mini Shack

“After trying washable diapers, I was quickly won over and I never again bought disposable diapers for my kids. It’s a great way to save money while helping preserve our planet.

And of course, I started talking to other parents around me about these products and the idea of making high-quality, eco-friendly, and washable diapers available online was born. I created Mini Shack with a mother’s heart, selecting each and every product with the best care and always giving priority to comfort and quality. I hope you find joy with Mini Shack.”

  • Daddy of Alex and Naia
  • Partner at Mini Shack
  • Special Projects Ninja

“I joined the Minishack team after years of working as sales executive in high growth companies while seeing my health and family life dwindle. I made the decision to go back to what is truly essential in life and thus to have fun living and doing what makes me happy. To work with and for my family is a unique opportunity and, as head of special projects, I can focus my energies and talent on creating disruptive initiatives that get me fired up like never before!”


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Each product was tested and approved by our family, we will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you may have regarding our collections.